Street Child!

The story 'Street Child' is a very good book to read for ages 6-7 and over as it really gives you a picture of what is was like in Victorian times.

This story is about a young Victorian
boy called Jim Jarvis who lived with
his Mother, father and his two older
sisters in small cottage in the country
side. Sadly Jim's father passed away
and they couldn't afford to stay in
cottage for any longer. They found a flat
in London and lived there for a few years.
Only having 1 shilling left in their purse,they
decided to spend it on a pie. As they had spent
their last shillings on a pie they didn't have enough
money to pay the rent so they got kicked out by the
Land Lord Mr Spink. Due to being kicked out they had
to find a new home. Emily and Lizzie (Jim's two sisters)
had to go to separate houses to work in and Jim and his
Mother went to the work house. Jim's Mother died in the
imfirmary a few days later.Jim also met a kind friend called Tip.
Later he escaped and went to find his Ma's friend Rosie but her
Grandad found him and he got sent to the ware house and got sold
to 'Grimy Nick' and his dog Snipe. After working for about a year at the ware house Jim escaped and ran for his life...

Thank you for reading my book reveiw I hope you enjoyed.