Humanities Day 19.5.16

Today we had a lot of fun in our Humanities day! There were many fun lessons all around the school to do with geography and history! And some AMAZING costumes!

Fancy Dress Costume winners!


St. Piran






Cory and summer

Paulo and Saskia

Alex and Zara

Cara and Kensi

Jack C and Sasha

marthur and Jago

Rihanna and perran

Emily Dutson's Poem win!

Emily (Yr5) entered a poem competition the other day, but it wasn't just against the UK, not Europe, but the WORLD! Something to do with geography!

As an award, she got invited to the London Houses of Parliament! Well done!

If you would like to hear Emily's poem, you can ask her!

Costume photos!

And finally, some costume photos!