Penhaligon Newsletter 27.01.17

Dear Parent/Carer

Wow, what a busy and productive week! The children have applied themselves brilliantly to every lesson this week.

In literacy the children have read about Queen Elizabeth II and used their new found knowledge to write fact files. They have continued to identify the differences between fictional and non-fictional queens when reading texts. The children have learnt about the ‘mighty’ apostrophe and its use for possession and contraction. 

In maths the children have continued their knowledge of tables. This has included using various resources such as cubes, number lines, number squares and arrays.

The children have continued their animations in computing. The children have learnt about lots of different events and developments during the Victorian era and have added these dates to their timelines. In art the children have drawn some impressive portraits of Queen Elizabeth II.


*On Friday 3 rd February we will have a Victorian School day in class. The children will need to come to school in a Victorian style outfit.

Stars of the week: Ben, for his mature attitude to his learning and group work activities. Ben has been more focused this week.Taylor, for her outstanding home learning effort.

Reader of the week: Maddie showed great understanding of reading fact files this week. She applied herself excellently in the independent task.

Spellings: this week's spellings are words that end in the suffixes ‘ness’ and ‘less’. * The test will be on Thursday instead of Friday.

Home-learning: this week's task is to make your own family tree.

Have a great weekend.

Matt Howes