Dudley LA choose Just2easy tools to support and develop their innovative 1 to 1 initiative
We were looking for an intuitive web based publishing resource to add significant functionality and learning potential to our 1to1 initiative, said John Davies Learning Futures Adviser

J2E provided a range of tools to support the effective implementation of personal devices in a large number of schools. It has been identified as a key resource to help embed personal technologies across the curriculum. It’s ease of use (as implied in the title) and unique set of tools has made a significant impact on teachers’ mind set shift from trusted traditional technologies (pen/paper) to an electronic replacement that doesn’t replicate the functionality of traditional technologies but enhances and accelerates the learning experience.

J2E is an intuitive resource, pupils and staff can create impressive documents within minutes. The resource includes a comprehensive set of training features with animated commentaries providing step by step demonstrations of the key features. The J2E team are proactive and very responsive to any queries or suggestions made by schools and DGfL staff.

J2E provides a range of stimulating tools and resources to develop genuine collaborative learning and interactivity between learners and learners with the resource. Groups of learners have enhanced functionality that allow them to share screens and communicate in school or from anywhere with internet access. The resource also includes a dynamic comment/marking feature for slick comment/marking by staff or to support peer review and self-reflection. J2E provides a secure online environment and storage area for work generated by classes/pupils. The management functionality within the resource allows teachers to quickly ‘collect’; view and mark work in draft or completed assignments.

J2E is a catalyst for creativity. In the right hands J2E provides an extensive range of creative opportunities for multimedia publishing, text and image generation, mathematical illustrations and web design and publishing.

J2E is a key component in our mobile learning strategy and has been enthusiastically received and enjoyed by staff and pupils.

John Davies

Learning Futures Adviser

Dudley Grid for Learning