Penhaligon Newsletter 24.02.17

Dear Parent/Carer

Welcome back Penhaligon. It has been a great week of learning! The children absolutely love our new topic ‘Town Mouse and Country Mouse’. They have read, listened to and watched several versions of the fable, and the children fully understand the moral of the story. They have discussed the characters and learnt some new vocabulary including ‘sparse’, ‘content’ and ‘luxurious’. Using ‘wow’ words is a big focus and target in literacy this term. The children have also discussed the similarities and differences between the different versions and have answered questions in book club.

The children have designed posters for ‘The Welcome’; practised their typing skills in computing and enhanced their dodgeball skills in PE. The children are able to use ‘shift’ to use capital letters confidently, and have been learning more about the importance of concentration, flexibility and reaction time in invasion games.

Thank you for such a positive parent’s meetings day. I’m glad you could all see the progress that your children are making. They should be proud of their books, as we certainly are.


World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March. Children to come into school dressedas a book character for the day.

The Welcome is next Friday 3rd March 2pm on the Inner Green. The KS1 children need to wear black, white and gold please.

Stars of the week: Natalie, Kian and Saxon for their resilience and application in arithmetic lessons. Natalie, Kian and Saxon have improved greatly in applying their knowledge of addition, subtraction and multiplication to missing number sentences. Well done!

Reader of the week: Louise is really ensuring she is answering every question carefully and accurately. Impressive reading Louise!

Spellings: This week’s spellings focus of the effect of ‘w’ on the sounds of phonemes. E.g. w + or can sound like w + ur e.g. world. Test next Friday 3rd March.

Home-learning: Seeing as it is World Book Day next week, this week’s home-learning is to write a book review.

Have a lovely weekend.

Matt Howes,Mrs Davis and Holly Southcott.