video help
Easy to use
Children use j2e intuitively, just like a sheet of paper. The ease of use encourages their natural creativity. The user interface is the result of many years experience of what really works in an educational document processor.
Combine text, graphics, animations, sounds, videos and embedded objects on a single web page. j2e is an online, fun, creative environment. No software to install, use any browser, anytime, anywhere.
Enables self and peer review and is an ideal assessment tool.
Share and collaborate on a document in real time. See changes made by another user instantly. Every document has a web address (url) which can be private, password protected or public.

Esafety is at the centre of j2e. j2e employs some of the latest Web 2.0 technology, in an educationally relevant, esafe environment. Teachers can choose to moderate pupils' work before it is published.

Use j2e forms to gather data, comments or other information from different groups. Display, share, or save the data to a file. This maps directly to curriculum requirements for data collection, display, storage and analyses. A whole class can enter data into a form at the same time. Parents can also be asked for their feedback in a form.
Teacher Markup
Teacher mark up allows teachers to add pins or stickers such as stars and smiley faces to a piece of work. They contain text and hyperlinks which pop up in a bubble. Teachers and pupils can easily find work that has had a sticker or pin applied.

Modern Foreign Languages
Supports MFL at all ages.
j2e colouring pencils provide many of the requirements of a paint package but with all of the advantages of being within j2e. Choose from a wide set of pencil widths, and colours and use transparency to create colourful pictures. As with all j2e files, share, collaborate and publish on the web.

Text to speech
Speak any text you type in a natural sounding voice.
j2e can be used for sophisticated documents and is as appropriate for an adult as it is for a 4 year old, thus spanning the educational spectrum.

j2e always stores each revision of a document. See how a document changed over time, and who contributed what to the finished work.
j2e can be used throughout the curriculum for document creation, data collection, communication, sharing and collaboration.Features such as the word bank aids literacy whilst the flexibility of the tool allows the creation of stimulating and fun activities in maths, science and other subjects.

Record sound
Record sound directly onto the page. is an online creativity tool designed for education.

It brings the power of Web 2 into the classroom. Children can create, share and learn in an esafe environment.