Penhaligon Newsletter 29.1.16

Dear Parent/Carer

This week:

Wow, what a week! Wehave enjoyed our class assembly and experienced a Victorian day at school. I would like to say it was fun but I will let the children explain whether or not it was, there was no caning anyway! Thank you so much for providing the children with fantastic costumes to enhance their learning experience.

In English we have enjoyed reading more about Queen Elizabeth and improving our reading comprehension skills. We have also been identifying statements, commands andquestions. In maths the children have been multiplying amounts, usingterminology such as: lots of, groups of and arrays.

Stars of the Week:

Ciara- for learning pages of writingoff by heart for our class assembly.

Billy – for improving his writingendurance and handwriting.

Reader of the Week:

Nika- for demonstrating improved reading comprehension skills.

Many thanks and as ever, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to come and see me or contact me via phone or email.

Matt Howes