Christmas day

I woke up in my head I was so excited my brain was going at one hundred miles per hour.

I sliped out of bed and hurried down stairs to my mum and dad's room to see if we could go down and the answer was yes . Every one in my family went down stairs in our nice chritmas clothes.

And when I stepped in oh it was a shock! I had so many presents I was so happy a whole

sack of presents and a stocking too and some big ones from the family.Then before I knew it the guests started to arrive every person with a present in their hand. And as the traditons go we had turkey, potatoes and vegetables, christmas pudding and pavlova.

Suddenly it was already time to have chocolate and more presents. Whopeee!.

And so that is how I spend chritmas.

Also I was dressed as an elf to give out the presents. The tree was sparkling, the lights flashing and everybody dancing to some good chrsitmas music.

One of my favourite decorations is the nativty scene that I made when I was six.

But you will never geuss what today is boxing day so I am having another big meal and I bet it will be even better.