The Christmas



The Christmas truce is believed to have begun on a

cold Christmas Eve night ,1914, when some of the English soldiers heard the Germans singing silent night, on the other side of no mans land, in there langue. Soonafter the English soldiers began to sing along but in English.

The next day was Christmas and it was quiet and peaceful until one English man stepped out of the trench with his hands held up in the air begging for peace.

Remarkably, the Germans exsepted ,before you knew it both of the armys had stepped out of thier trenchs shaking hands with one another.

There were football matches going on as well as the other activities such as shaving heads,all of a sudden gun fires where shot up in the air to signal all the armys to return back to there trenches.That was a day that people will never forget.

And Thats the Story of the Christmas Truce!