I was happily walking out of my bed and wanting my lovely breakfast (I didn't eat diner yesterday because I was too unwell) so I was really hungry so... I asked my parents if I could have some and I had some but only a bit, I was sill a bit blank and I certainly was not felling much better!!! Once a day I look at my super extreme robot team magazine. When doing this, I also look at my brilliant, bad, bunch of robots ( all with some sick powers up their sleeve!! Then I had my lunch and the 47mins later I went to my football club. After going to the ministry of football it was 7pm and it was time to have diner which was meat casserole. Tasty I said to my self as I walked slowly down to the flavorous meal, I just could not wait!

I then ate my meal and made my way upstairs, when to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and when to the toilet, put my PJ on and when to bed and fell fast asleep, that right, fast, fast asleep...then I stared to wake up suddenly for some reason. Then I noticed the dream catcher on my bedside table,( my sisters made it and put it there for safe keeping) the dream catcher made your dreams alive but I was sure that I would not have nightmares I mean what could happen? Frustrated, I went back to sleep and started dreaming weird things like my first dream was about coming to school with no pants on, but my second was a nightmare! The dream was about huge robots descending on and destroying my city, my city was called Nathockan and exploding the terrain all over ( these were the bad guys who where doing it) and after it happened, the city didn't look very good like you would expect from 6 robot monsters, just like transformers but much bigger and destructive!

Then the next day I woke up, saw the dream catcher and started to scream, I knew that it brought my terrible dream into reality!!! I ran to my window and saw smoke racing out from a few building 10miles away. I felt dreadful but it was not my fault but my sisters. Yes I know but if I told someone it would just waste time so I didn't bother. I was far more interested in saving the city, I mean it was burning and robots were killing innocent people and destroying there homes, picking up buildings and throwing them 12miles out of the city! This was madness.

So I went to save the city by going to bed and dreaming about the good robots in the magazine that I saw so... when I woke up I got out of bed and I saw the good ones in the city fighting the bad dishonest one that turned the city into a shipwreck. BANG, SMASH, POW, CLANG, CLING, BLAST, WHIP. They bad ones where forced back to their home dimension and where happy once again, as for the good guys... well we kept them as our pals. This was a long day.

By Sebastian