Penhaligon Newsletter 17.03.17

Dear Parent/Carer

The children have typed and sent their pen pal letters. We look forward to the response from the Plymouth school. In literacy the children have also identified when to use an exclamation mark and question mark at the end of sentences beginning with ‘how’ and ‘why’. The children have also looked at local leaflets including examples from Newquay Zoo, Dairy Land and The Eden Project. The children have identified the effective features of a successful leaflet in preparation for writing their own next week. In maths the children have learnt about more about using the inverse operation to solve calculations and word problems. The children decided when it is best to count on and back e.g. 45 – 3 – it is best to count back; 45 – 41 – it is best to count on from 41 to 45. We have also revised what doubling means- this is this week’s home learning task.

In PE the children have developed their tactical awareness and decision making of invasion games by playing an adapted version of basketball ‘end zone’. The children have learnt about fair testing in science and analysed the results for our recent investigation- Who can jump further- taller or shorter people? In circle time the children discussed ways of relaxing and shared what they like to do to relax in their spare time. We also discussed relaxing techniques that we may try and use in future- listening to music and reading was very popular.

Resources for learning: Thank you for bringing in small cardboard boxes in (e.g. cereal bar sized boxes), a few more would be appreciated to ensure every child can make their own vehicle.

Stars of the week: Luke has demonstrated fantastic resilience to achieve his recent maths club. Xzavier joined us this week and settled immediately. I am very proud of his resilience doing joined handwriting. Ava has demonstrated excellent reflectiveness to edit and improve her writing even further, using some beautiful vocabulary to grip the reader.Well done Luke, Xzavier and Ava!

Readers of the week:

Kian andSaxon- both for their determination, resilience and reflectiveness in their reading comprehension tasks


Spellings: Mnemonics- sentences to remember the spelling of a word- e.g. Sally Ann is dancing- said and analogies- e.g.clapped, dripped etc.

Home-learning: This week’s home learning is to find doubles of amounts.

Enjoy the weekend,

Matt Howes,Mrs Davis and Holly Southcott.