Penhaligon Newsletter 10.03.17

Dear Parent/Carer

The children have written their own brilliant versions of Town Mouse. Country Mouse in literacy. In maths the children have continued to master adding and subtracting using a number line and applying these methods to solving word problems. The children have set up a fair test in science. Next week we will do the investigation and find out who can jump further- taller people or shorter people? The children have started to type their letters to their pen pals. These should be completed and printed on Monday ready to be sent on Tuesday. The children have enjoyed learning about sound maps in the UK and producing body percussion pieces to represent the sounds you may hear in the countryside and in the city.In PE the children have learnt about counter balance.

Resources for learning: Please could you please bring any small cardboard boxes in (e.g. cereal bar sized boxes).

Stars of the week: Ben has shown great resilience with his joined handwriting. Freya C and Clara have been very reflective to ensure their spellings are more accurate in their independent writing. Well done Ben,Clara and Freya C.

Reader of the week: Leia has increased the amount she’s reading and her confidence is growing all the time. Well done Leia.

Spellings: Longer words e.g. starving,prevented and common exception words

Home-learning: This week’s task has been set by the children themselves. They need to write a character description for Town or Country Mouse in their neatest handwriting. * See home learning books.

Enjoy the weekend,

Matt Howes,Mrs Davis and Holly Southcott.