Celebrations and Stars- from 24.06.16 and 1.07.16-(pinch punch first of the month!!)


Micheal for making super sentences!!

Bodhi, Lauryn and Skylah for brilliant sums in home-learning!!


Essie for inspiring others with your fabulous learning!

Sienna for being inspired by others and improving your learning!

Attendance: Yr 6 98.1%


Oak and Archie for role-playing how to be safe on school trips!!

St. Piran

St. Piran

Dexter for being resilient!

Abi for being resourceful!


Marshall for becoming more independent in writing!

Cara for being a collaborative learner!


Noah for Resilience- never giveing up and writing an excellent letter


Katie, Jessi & Jago for wonderful sports day performance


Emily, Kohana and Ruby for excellent questions on their trip!

Anou and Guy for great homework!

Davy- Perran for resilience in sports week

Zack for helping others in sports week!

Davy- Sam for helping Mr. Patterson with the play!

Louis for hlping others with maths!


Noah E forResilience and skill on our surf day!

Jade for fabulous surfing!!


Ellis for never giving up!

Eryn for excellent homework and great assembly work!


The whole class for reflective and resilient home-learning!

Diamond ticket winners:

Megan,Yr 6

Teyah,Yr 2

Awards from 24.06.16

Awards from 01.07.16

Turn over!!


Yr R 143

1 140

2 146

3 129

4 146

5 146

6 185