Celebrations and Stars 9.12.16

By Noah Hamilton... Here are our stars this week!


St. Piran






Joel for being an Ally Ant!

Grace for being a Justin Beaver! Nelly - Reader

Reuben and Bill for doing their personal best in learning!

Luke for personal bests in comprehensions!

Clara & Archie for being Roko Rhinos!

Cara and Lucas for Roko Rhino absorption in assessments!

Kayla for Never giving up! Connor Wharton for managing distractions!

Meryn (Yr 3) for great martial arts!

Other celebrations this week...

Own clothes...

Today we were wearing own clothes in return for chocolate for our Xmas fair. Thank you for all the donations and chocolate!

Ethan for writing brilliant instructions reflectively!

Reader: Essie

Readers of the week are in pink

Resilient: Roko Rhino Reflective: Hooty Owl Resourceful: Justin Beaver (:])

Reciprocity: Ally Ants

BLP Areas

Wilf for great assessments!

Lia for , well , unfortunately leaving!

> Well done to matleticians and all 99 clubs this week! Lucas R- Silver club!

> Well done to all the Martial Arts people this week!

> Jasmine for a blue Peter badge!

>Lowenna for great pasta making & plant making awards!

>Lauren & Meg for great gymnastics!


Yr R 200

1 208

2 245

3 204

4 211

5 224

6 208

Diamond Ticket awards:

Lucas Skinner,Yr 4

This weeks winner: