leopards trip to the chineseese restaurant


On monday my class went to the Happy Swan chinese restaurant. On the way there and on the way back my partner was Abi. We went past alot of shops , when finally we got to the Happy Swan. I saw lots of red and gold lanterns and the Buddha wich i think is orriganlly from India. I also saw some orrigami sw ans wich where really awesome. On the trip i sat near some of my friends and they where Sasha, Denisa, Wisal, Romy, Noula and Kate. Then it was time to eat.


First, for a starter we had some prawn crackers, i shared them with my friends but had the most! Then we went up to the table where the food was kept and i basically got one or two of everything on the table and they where chicken balls, hot and spicy ribs, these onion sticks and triangles and noodles. After i got my food we went back to the tables and ate it. It was realy nice and my favourite thing was the noodles. When everybody had fineshed the waiter brought out some prawns wich where realy nice to.