1) Me and my Dad don't know what subjection means .

2) Nobody in my family knows what subjective means .

3) My Mum ordered a loaf of bread from sainsbarys .

4) We have loaves at home

5) The rain will make you wetter than you , think.

6) Once I fell in the boating lake at 360 this made me the wettest there .

7) We have a wide variety of crisps at my house.

8) There is a variation of water in a swimming pool depending how many people are in it.

9) In Nerd block there is a bracelet that is variable .

10) Monkeys are a primate .

11) I do not know what primitive means.

12) Me and Leia (my sister ) go to a primary school.

13) Shakleton discovered many things in Antarctica .

14) Shakleton made a sincetific discovery on a moutin.

15) In stuart times people threw their waste onto the streets>