My favourite thing is playing games. You can say I am an expert in games (Well I am). One of my favourite ones is Roblox. Roblox is a game made by Roblox Corparation Inc. And is one of the TOP 10 Games in Apple's App Store. It was made in 2009 (When I was Born) and has been really famous since then. Also (I forgot to tell you this), Roblox is a game where millions of gamers play and it is a game where you can make & play games and be friends with loads of people. It is good for imagination. The Slogan is 'POWERING IMAGINATION'. Let's go two years ago when it only had about 800,000 players. I was really interested in Roblox at that moment. My cousin used to talk and show me Roblox and I couldn't play it. This is how it used to look . Yeah, it's not that good but 2 years ago-it's impressive. I ACTUALLY wanted to play this game. So I tried to download it and install it. It worked. WHEN I opened it... it CRASHED!!!! I expected it to crash first time because I only had an iPad 1 (or just iPad) so yeah. I tried it again and again every single day. When I had probably tried the 10,000th time.. my cousin came to my house. I said to myself 'FINALLY HE'S HERE!'. I told him how it kept on showing the Roblox first page and how it crashes.

My Favourite Thing

He said 'Your iPad is too old to make Roblox run.' I was so sad. I always wanted to play roblox and I could'nt. That was it. I told my dad I wanted a new iPad. I had enough of playing old games.2 years later, I got a new iPad. It was the third newest one. It was an iPad Air. At that time the newest one was iPad Pro. I finally downloaded Roblox. It was the first game I downloaded in the new iPad. After that, I turned into a better gamer. I have 20 games now. I was really happy. If you have Roblox feel free to check the accounts ExtraodinaryGSL and CourageousGSL. (Anyone Following will be greatly appreciated and so will robux) (The First user is iPad and second is PC) Playing Roblox is one of my favourite things!