THE magical panda corn and the mysterious man At midnight, in the rainbow forest of panda corns there live a tiny little egg, who was so scared, he crack is egg so he could run and hide away because he poor mum was being kicked out of her home because she didn’t pay her panda coins.Later on, will his mum was packing her bags patch the tiny panda corn found a little tunnel he decided should I go down there or not he whisped in a little voice and he turn around and there was a mysterious man who had replied my name rotten tooth and I have come to eat you all for dinner noo shouted patch. “why have you come her? I come her to take you away so I can have this land for myslef ? what with are island that you don’t have? The magical diamond to make the world so colourful? Wait here I go get It. Patch ran home and got his diamond toy put glitter all over it and ran back to the mysterious man here is this what you want yes that it going to be all mine well you have to catch me first patch had his super running boots on and ran as fast as he could far far away until he go to the end of the island.