The spy of the underground

If it was anyones fault it would be the man with the black, thin coat with eyes like a sharp needle pointed out and his teeth were as white as glistning marbles but his face was as orange as the juciest tangarine in the world!

It all started when I was at the underground station (Because my mum was taking me to a musem for my anoying homework) and suddenly I saw that man. He was glaring at me like the look your arch enemy gives you.

I hid my face behind my mum so the man woudn't jump onto me like they sometimes do NOT!!! Then I saw him pick up a shiny magnifine glass wondering around the under ground. After a hard day walking stiffly around the unadventurous museam, I came back to the station and I saw that same man I saw earlier and thats why I call him the spy of the underground