Here comes santa claus

Its the best time of the year the time where Santa goes down your chimney and delivers

presents.Its Christmas night I am so exited It is 2.45 in the morning. 4 hours past 7;00 I

look under the tree so many presents and loads for me . Then my favorite song played

. Now its time to get the turkey in the oven . I helped my dad cook up a delicious meal.

It was the best Christmas ever I got loads of football stuff and I was smiling all day. It was

quite a small Christmas because normally we would have 12 people . Then the best thing that had ever happend to me in my whole life happened father Christmas was here it is amazing.

The only thing is i thought he dident like people seeing him. But he came from the north

pole while wants to rest to see me. But how is that possible his slay must of been out of fuel

for a fact Santa Claus lives 17435 miles away and hes traveled to see me this is amazing here comes Santa Claus.