Celebrations and Stars 6.1.17


St. Piran






Other celebrations this week...

Readers of the week are in pink

Resilient: Roko Rhino Reflective: Hooty Owl Resourceful: Justin Beaver

Reciprocity: Ally Ants

BLP Areas


Yr R 32

1 37

2 48!!!!

3 33

4 32

5 42

6 44

Diamond Ticket awards:

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This weeks winner:This

This weeks winner:

Aimee O', Yr 4!

Hello! Welcome back to 2017! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and a great new year!

Anyway, this weeks stars coming up!

By Noah Hamilton... Here are our stars this week!

Finlay for concentrating and being a Hooty Owl!

Matthew for being a Roko Rhino!

Reader: Alfie!

Willow for a resourceful letter!

Skylah for resilient maths!

Reader: Lexi!

Maddison & Luke for being reflective- using spelling sheets to check!

Readers: Saxon and Natalie for independently checking questions!

Arty for amazing home learning!

Zac for independent learning!

Reader: Merryn!

Marshall for resourceful and resilience in PE!

Lewis for an enthusiastic approach to learning!

Ruby for being resourceful!

Emily for helping others!

Well done to all the mathleticians and 99 clubbers this week!

Well done to all the people who read for 10 days! You get a badge! :

See the people who got the badges!

click on : badges

well done to Lowenna for great gymnastics!

Well done to Davy class with winning 99% attendance!

Me for being resourceful!

Harlyn for great guided reading!