This week Trelawny Class have been doing Rising Stars and White Rose(maths) assessments in:

>White Rose maths X2-Arithmetic & Reasoning and problem solving.

> Writing- a persuasiveletter>SPAG>Reading> and Spellings.

The children did really well in these assessments. Well done!


> Next week is E-safety week so in PSHE we started early by looking at safe passwords and weak passwords!

> On Friday we had a visit from two Polar explorers! Mrs Reeves and Mr Nash (her father) worked for the British Antarctic Survey at different times. They told us about their adventures on the ice and Trelawny Class had a lot of questions for them. Many thanks to them for coming in and giving such a wonderful and inspiring presentation all about our topic!


In geography this week we have looked at different lines on Earth. We have looked at the Equator, lines of longitude & latitude, tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, the Arctic and Antarctic circles, oceans and continents! We labelled them on an A3 map and coloured in continents and countries respectively. We also answered some questions about these lines on Earth!


> Trelawny and Yr 6 have been chosen to watch a play at Richard Lander School (‘Annie’) on Monday 6th Feb 2017. Please bring in return slips ASAP!

> Monday 13th-Friday 17th February- Half term

> Tuesday 21 st –Cross country for all those who have already received letters. Please bring back replies ASAP.

> Wednesday 22nd February-Parents Meeting day. Non-pupil Inset day with appointments running from 8:30am- 5:30pm. Please bring back reply slips ASAP. 

Until next week, ta for now!

Made by Noah H!

Trelawny Class Newsletter 2.2.17