Penhaligon Newsletter 03.03.17

Dear Parent/Carer

Thank you for your efforts this week. The children looked absolutely fantastic on World Book Day and again looked the part in their Cornish colours for The Welcome of St Piran. This week has been a combination of Cornish Week and World Book Week which has meant a lot of different and exciting things going on at school. The children have practiced Cornish dancing with Mrs Bell; listened to the story of St Piran’s settlement at Perranporth; learnt Cornish songs and the Cornish Haka; listened to a range of stories read by various staff and Year 6 children and the children have either swapped or purchased a new book. Reading is so important to children and its power should never be underestimated.

A book is a gift you can open again and again. —Garrison Keillor

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free. —Frederick Douglass

Keep up your wonderful reading at home.

The children have developed their understanding of finding fractions of amounts.The children know that the denominator is how many equal groups the number mus tbe shared into (in 1/4 it is 4- ¼ of an amount can be shared into 4 groups). In literacy the children have planned and written post cards in the role of Town Mouse of Country Mouse describing their awful experience of visiting the town or country dependent on which mouse they were. The children have learnt how to copy and paste images from the internet to a Publisher document. The children searched our school website to find images of themselves to send to their pen pals next week. The children will be writing to a pen pal from my previous school in Plymouth to help with their understanding of our topic and to improve their writing skills.

Resources for learning: Could you please bring any small cardboard boxes in (e.g. cereal bar sized boxes).

Stars of the week: Natalie has shown great resilience in maths and is trying hard to develop her understanding of fractions.

Reader of the week: Seb took to the role of clarifier in Book Club brilliantly this week. Seb was ever present answering questions,using clues from the text to try and identify the meaning of new words, and is able to use the dictionary accurately to find the definition of unfamiliar words.

Spellings: Longer words e.g. Jonathan and words within words e.g. help- in helpful or unhelpfulness.

Home-learning: Finding fractions of amounts. The children should know that the denominator (bottom number of the fraction e.g. 4 in 1/4) is how many equal groups that the amount should be shared by. So, ¼ of 12 – count 12 out in 4 groups. ¼ of 12 = 3

Matt Howes,Mrs Davis and Holly Southcott.