Wearily, Joe, Beth, Frannie and Silky clambered rapidly up the substantial, colossal, towering tree, proudly standing above the clouds. Thinking the land was lovely; they discovered that it was an extremely dangerous land. They heard deafening bangs and saw huge flames everywhere.

They had arrived in the land of army tanks! Unexpectedly, they tried to escape speedily however they noticed that the extensive hole had disappeared. Startled, they started to worry. They all went absurd. Luckily, they saw an unused, large, bulky, powerful army tank and they climbed in.

Luckily, they were in the army tank, however they were sadly outnumbered by a surrounding mini army. “OH NO”! Exclaimed Joe, “WE ARE SUROUNDED!” Rapidly, they ran over ten thousand mini army tanks. Joe screeched, “We have to find a way back!”

"STAND DOWN!” bellowed the general. They were alarmed. They took one accurate shot however there were so many tanks. Suddenly, there was a tremendous explosion that killed the whole mini army.

Then they saw the top of the enormous tree and scrambled down the hole. Silky invited them for some pop cakes. They threw a massive party to celebrate their escape. They were really excited! Then they went home to tell Mum about their adventures.

By Kieran and Brandon

The land of army tanks