The Chinese restaurant

My visit to the New Happy Swan Chinese Restaurant

Last week I went to a Chinese restaurant for the second time in my life (I had been to one before when I was on holiday on the Isle of Wight). I went with the rest of my class and I sat with Marco, Marcus and Luca. We had a lot of very nice food. My favourite food was the prawn crackers, I thought they tasted like crisps. I liked the noodles they are like spaghetti and I like spaghetti and I liked the rice a lot.When I was looking around I saw some really lovely pictures. One of the pictures was of a fish made out of beads. When I looked above I saw three Chinese characters and wooden squares holding plastic leaves (the leaves were twirled around the wooden squares). I didn’t try the sauce or the soup because I didn’t like the look of them but I enjoyed everything that I did try except for the samosas which was a surprise because usually I enjoy samosas. On the way to the restaurant, I wondered whether we would get the chance to ask questions, we did. I learnt that the restaurant is about fifty years old and that the present owners mother used to run the restaurant before she did. Overall, it was brilliant going to the restaurant.