We are Rosebank's Raising Raisins and our mission is to "Do good in the neighbourhood".

One of the problems people have in Dundee, is that sometimes they don't have enough food to eat.

Dundee Foodbank is just round the corner from our school, so we went to visit and see how we could help.

The volunteers showed us how they collect food and give it in packs to families who need help.

We went back to school and thought about how we could help. We decided to ask everyone to donate something to the foodbank. We made flyers and sent them home, we talked to all the classes, we put a notice on our school website.

Every morning we went round school collecting food that people brought in.

After a couple of weeks we had collected lots!

We packed up all the food and took it round to the foodbank. It was heavy!

When we got there, they weighed it and told us it was 42 kilos!