QR codes can be used to create treasure hunts.

All you need is a QR code reader, there are APPS available

Once you have a QR code reader, you can create a treasure hunt in J2e

Click on the sign

then onto embed QR code

enter in the website that you want the children to go to

ADVANCED: you could create resource in j2e, and copy and paste the URL of the J2e page into the QR code.

Make sure that the page is public, or they will need to be logged in to the user to view

This will then give a QR code

You can print out the QR codes, as a treasure hunt, so pupils will have to move around the classroom or at home to find the resources to complete the puzzle

Children can scan the QR code and this will take them to a website, or to a j2e page

e.g: Here is a page created in J2e

Once i have made sure that the file is public

I can then copy and paste the URL of the page into the QR code embed

This will then give a QR code, which i can print out or display on a computer screen. This QR code will take you directly to a wordsearch page created in J2e