doctor who

bad guys


the Dalek is not stupid its a creature of violence it has an extermiater

if you want to kill a dalek take its exterminater off and exterminate the

dalek itself


it is a metal body that can brake your leg with a punch all you have to defeat this is to take the blue bit out and thats its heart

weeping angels

these are unbeatable so

dont beat them up dont look in there eyes and do not blink!


these things are plastic dumies you can beat them. The plastic dumies have abilaties to walk

,shoot and have eyes. The main reason these are on earth is because they want to eat the world in one episode.

the cycorax

these have meat swords and fantastic at sword fighting they have the ability to hipnotise people with a cirtain blood type

the abonable snowmen

they are made out of snow and they eat you.You can kill them . You kill them like this imagine them melting it is realy helpful!


these people have laser guns and do not want to be ignored and they tell there plan to the Doctor to make him woried so that means the Doctor can sort it out!

good guys!

the eleventh Doctor

he defeats all the bad guys and can come back to life 14 times so he is so not going to

give up the second you see him

Amy pond

Amy is the Doctors companion and stays with the doctor and defeats the bad guys.

and will fight for anything.

River song

she loves guns. No one person in the whole world loves guns more than River Song


rorry is the awsome action packed companion!

the 12th Doctor

he he a awsome action packed Doctor please look it up on the internet.

he loves to save people and mostly tells the truth.

the 10th doctor

this is another awsome doctor that defeats evil villans

the 9th doctor

this doctor is another

awsome action packed

doctor and will save

everyone in sight

the war doctor

the war doctor fighted

in the time war and

that is the time lords

vs the daleks so that is

very important.

the 8th doctor

this doctor only did

one episode with

the master and

that is why he

is so cool

the seventh doctor

the doctor that can

nearly do anything

and will never give


the sixth doctor

he is fantastic!

the fifth doctor

he loves celary

but you could

start to need

some food

the forth doctor

the person who

has a big scarf

and loves jelly babies.

the third doctor

a funny man that

fights crimes and

will never give up

the second doctor

he is a funny doctor

and always destroys

the bad guys!!!!!!!

the first doctor

he always comes

up with the best



she is always 100% listening

so do not say in front of her

I will destroy the world.


he is a comidian

and does not give



a companion

that never

gives up