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Homework for Year 6 Week beginning 29.2.16

Ensure you know how to spell all of the

spellings in KS2.

Maths Homework

1. Sumdog is a good way for children to practice their arithmetic skills which will help them in their SAT's maths papers. Each week children need to use Sumdog.

2. Continue to complete pages in your CGP book as directed by your teacher.

3. My Maths is a way for children to practice concepts and methods taught in maths lessons. Your teacher will direct you to which page on the website to look at.

This week practice conversion of time and time problems, as well as fractions.

Maths and English study books

Your Maths and English Study books need to be brought back to school everyday. Everyday review and learn the concepts we have learnt that day in Maths and English lessons.

Reading Homework

1. Read every night.

Read pages of a book you have been given at school as well as books you get from the library or have at home. Try to read a variety of fiction and non fiction texts. Remember receipes, magazines and newspapers are important to read also.

2. Write a summary of a text you have read at home that night and hand it in the following day. A copy of this is on the link above.

Spelling Homework

For next Monday please learn the spellings given to you by your teacher. We will test you the following Monday.

guessed, guest, heard, herd, led, lead, morning, mourning, past, passed, precede, proceed

Every Friday learn the spellings from your spelling booklet. To be tested the following Friday.

Handwriting Homework

Copy the following diary entry in your neatest handwriting in your handwriting homework book. A copy of this is on the link above called 'Good day diary entry'.

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