About Chrysalis
Our aims and beliefs.

Pictures for Talking
Images and talking points.
These images and the poems or questions that go with them are intended to be used as starters for thoughtful discussion about the world and can also be used for Guided Imagery.

Flow Learning
Nature Awareness games for
use in school and everywhere else.
Based on the concepts of Flow Learning developed by Joseph Cornell as a part of our environmental education programme for schools.

All material, resources and photography, unless otherwise accredited is copyright to Adrian Wood - Chrysalis Woodland Learning
Flow Learning and the associated activities, unless otherwise accredited, is the intellectual property of Joseph Cornell
Every effort is made to treat intellectual property professionally correct but the owners and those involved with Chrysalis will not be held responsible for inadvertent error.
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Chrysalis Show Case
Gallery and news reports

Chrysalis Shop
Books and other resources as well as selected farm produce through the post
Just2Easy - Join in

All of the Chrysalis work, this web-site, all the resources we make and our communications with schools, is with Just 2 Easy. The main advantage is that everything is on-line so you only need a browser and broadband. You can work from anywhere at anytime.
As members, you will be able contribute to and collaborate with other schools. That means share-writing stories etc. with children far away at the same time.
To make the most of your membership, you need to be a part of this as well; so join in. This is a low cost, high value resource that will really lift everything you do in school.
Find out more here and when you order, don't forget to use the purchase code 'handson' to receive our special basic training modules to get you started.

Learning through the environment
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Strategy Games
Thinking ahead and working with others
These are traditional games from around the world. They are quick to play but need careful thought to win

Picture Puzzles
Look closely at nature with these quick puzzles to solve.
Courses and Workshops List
Our current list of day courses and workshops
Curriculum Resources
Resources and plans for teaching
and learning beyond the classroom.