Headteachers are constantly asking us about the Digital Competence Framework (DCF) and how it can be achieved. Many heads are fully aware that this is a full management issue and relying on ICT Coordinators is now too demanding and unrealistic. All staff must become involved. As a Partnership we have worked closely within schools to create solutions that address this.

We are confident that our Solutions will move your school forward in delivering ICT. Headteachers have made it known to us that our Solutions and Resources are making a difference. Angelsoft's easy to use Resources have generated confidence amongst school staff when developing ICT skills essential to the DCF. Our Solutions and Resources focus on the Planning and Assessment of ICT within areas of concern such as Coding, Spreadsheets and

Data Handling. Please refer to the relevant tabs on the Home Page.

Angelsoft believes that Digital Competence can only be achieved by the development of pupil ICT skills. It is important to note that Estyn will not be inspecting the DCF.

However, Estyn will continue to assess ICT skills within schools and from September 2017 must report on the delivery of ICT skills within all inspected schools.

Angelsoft Solutions and Resources addresses elements and strands within the DCF.

The downloadable spreadsheet below outlines this further.

Angelsoft believes that a safe online culture is paramount and this is reflected in the way our packs have been developed.

The Solutions have been created in such a way where the burden of ICT management has been significantly reduced, especially with regard to the planning and assessment of pupil ICT skills. Headteachers and ICT Coordinators have found this particularly useful.

Please feel free to try out a sample of our Resources from the downloadable area below.

We would be delighted to receive any feedback. There are also useful links to find out more about the Digital Competence Framework and the relevant Estyn document.

Estyn Guidance

re ICT Inspection

Pages16 -18

Angelsoft DCF





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