The Planets and Aliens Pack - Information

The Planets and Aliens Pack offers an unique resource providing pupil opportunities for writing online, developing data handling skills as well as sharing and publishing work online. There are four component parts to the package:

An online adventure based around spreadsheets and databases where pupils collect and analyse data of the planets and aliens encountered. All screens within the adventure may be edited using j2e5.

An online writing package based on planet scenes. Pupils can build their own scenes from the available clipart and write about each created scene. Words (nouns, verbs, adjectives) and phrase banks (including story starts) are available saving teachers time as well as promoting pupil literacy skills.

An online writing package based on aliens where pupils construct their own aliens from various body parts. Additional word and phrase banks are available. All work may be published using j2webby or j2bloggy.

A series of jigsaws that may be posted online using the j2e apps.

A Just2easy resource pack

Build an Alien

Build a Planet Scene

Solve an Alien Jigsaw