We have constantly liaised with a number of schools and focused on major concerns that teachers experience regarding the delivery of ICT. Most colleagues were concerned with the skill levels that needed to be developed within Coding, Spreadsheets and Data Handling.

In 2014 we developed our first Solution in conjunction with classroom teachers and support staff. This solution was created to support colleagues in the delivery of Spreadsheets. The headteachers of all the schools involved regarded this area of ICT as weak. We pursued the following principles in developing our first Solution which proved most successful. Consequently the principles were applied to our Solutions within Data Handling and Coding.


Planning and Assessment

Principles of our Solutions

Spreadsheets - Data Handling - Coding

Provide a bank of structured ICT skills statements

Provide Planning templates based on the skills

Provide Assessment templates based on the skills

Provide Self-Assessment templates for pupils

Provide a wealth of resources to support the above

Provide training if requested on each Solution

We have sold approximately 3000 units across Wales.

Hundreds of schools are using our Solutions and Resources.

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