What can an apostrophe be used to show? Tick all correct answers.
one thing belongs to another (possession)
something was said by someone
part of a sentence is missing
in the place of brackets to show that something is extra information
around something funny to show it is meant as a joke and not serious
to show you have omitted letters in a word, or when joining words

What is a thesaurus?



Which of these words would come first in a dictionary? 

tells you other words with similar meanings
 a huge, meat-eating dinosaur
a list of words and their meanings arranged alphabetically


Fill in the blanks in the following sentence so that it makes sense.

Collecting objects is a popular hobby, with both adults
and <blank1>. You can collect a whole <blank2> of things.
Lots of people collect stamps, autographs, stickers and model cars. You could even collect more unusual things like telephones and milk <blank3> tops.