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Easter Homework-'Through my Window'
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11/03/08 Homework-click on the link below and complete the task.

Reflection on Roman topic.

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Follow the link and use the words to make your own sentences. You need to try to learn the 1st 10 spellings by next Tuesday (29th April).
Click here to be taken to a website to complete a fun game to help with your times tables OR complete the paper copy given to you.
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Click here to see pictures to begin a story. Your task is to write the first paragraph to introduce the setting. You can create your own characters to use in the story. We will complete the stories during P.O.WC. Either post your paragraph to me or copy the picture into your own J2E account

Wednesday 25 June
we have done our topic work we have learnt about electricity we have been adding volts up. It made me think about if you 4 6 volt batteries then what would happen . another activity which we did was learning about conductors and insulators we made different circuits up we joined it up with a lolly stick first it didn't work then we tried foil it worked!!! it made me want to learn about how many volts we were using. stage.
Monday 23 June
Today we have been working in our development groups. In the
morning, we worked in our groups to decide the costs of the people
to get in the pool. We had to work out some sums that were on the
board .They were rather hard!!After lunch, we designed a logo.
that was one of the activities we had to do. Another one was to
write an explanation about rubbish. this will help me in the future
at work.
wednesday 11th june
this week is arts week today we made some dumplins a chinse teacher came in and helped us we were in group I was the first group there was pork one and a vegetable one we got to and had one of each i liked the pork one best we coloured in the chinse flag we named some of the contries in Asia and lable the seas and oceans

Thursday 22nd May
Today we did numercy and what we had to do was a table. We had to find the most possible ways in making 24legs. We could only use a spider a bat and a lizard. we did it by the number of legs. Like 2 spiders 1 lizard and 2 bats = 24 (legs). This will help us to do a table when we have a job. Like if we need to pair people up we can use this method to find every possible way.
In D&T we are learning about pneumatic mechanisms .It has made me want to learn more about mechanisms .We are learning about this so we can make a moving monster. In one of the activities we had to design three monsters. In another activity we had to do a specification for what it was for and stuff.

Wednesday 21st may
This after noon we are doing topic work we are doing about the invromement. we like doing topic work so we can learnt about different things this will help us in the feature if we become an invromement. This morning we did numracy. We had to see how we could pare the ice cream
into difrent gropes .S.P.A.C.E
Wednesday 21st May 2008
This morning we have done maths. we were solving problems.
we used space. the word has a meaning to it. the s means sort
the information, the p means plan what you will do, the a means the
action you will take, the c means communicate and the e means
evaluate. This will help you in the future when you need to
put information into tables..
Wednesday 21 march 2008
today i have been looking at mapes we looked at a river cald the river blie. This will help me in life because we will know were things comander.

Tuesday 20th May 2008 we did re with mrs Ross we leant about the Christian symbol the fish shape. If you were a cristen you would put the fish shape on your door so peaple would know you are a cristen we some of us drawed the simble and dectinted the inside or the outside of the simble the people that had put on there door they could sort of talk to god and Jesus only when it was safe gum.We did P.E, we learnt to run with our arms in a right-angle shape so we went faster. We also learnt how to start running in a race correctly then we got into groups of five and raced each other I came joint second. Bolt. Today in numercy we did were rounding. Our group were doing, rounding subtraction sum's, it was easy. After we did rounding with decimals on that there were 30 questions, but I got throgh it all. By James Blond 008.
I went on a walk in school we went to the little plagraud and don sum work
and then we don mar work on the big plagraud BEN10

Thursday 15th May 2008.
today we did topic work,we did an activity were you have to write resons why you are for or against land development and you have to put bullet points of questions why they are against for or against land development i was against land development because i thought that the animals would loose their habitat and the air would get polouted.

Friday 9th May 2008.
This week we have been at Sherwood Forest so we haven't had to write on the blog. At Sherwood Forest we went on a bike ride , went to the
cinema to see Nim's island and kept a diary. We also went on a walk to see the major oak and met Robin Hood , Maid Marian ,Little John and Will Scarlet. petal

we are doing a project about land development we have to pretend that a forest is to be opened to the public and we have to be the designers of the forest so we have 200,000 pounds and we have to buy things to attract people and we also have to protect rare plants and animals such as deer and badger and another group comes to inspect it and rate all their lay outs such as how much they have protected the environment.A

today in reading we had to put the words in sentens and put apostrophes as well and i read a book.
this morning we did numeracy and the method we did was a written method using money. In the future it will help us to work out money problems. It will also help us when we get a job being someone who works at a shop because we can work out how much change you will need in your head.
Today in pow challenge we did a story about looking out of our windows
we coppied the first paragragh then we did the 2 other paragraghs. This
will help me to help my writing.

Tuesday 29th April
Our whole class went outside to play cricket. First we warm up then it started to rain everyone was wet and soggy so everyone went inside then the teacher of cricket taunt us run and scoop up the ball. we nearly finished our lesson so we played a throw and catch game.

Tuesday 20th Aprilhelp

this afternoon we did cricket. first we did are warm up we ran around the playgrunnd 1 was clap 2was jump 3was touch the ground then we did some throwing and catching.

Year 4 had their spelling test this morning and reflected on their learning in science.

Monday 19th April
We have done some word problems. I found it fun because they had fractions in. This will help us in the future like if we go to shops,when there is a sale on with 1/5 of everything we could work out how much things were.
We also did sience work.We had force meters and we did a little test. We learnt about friction and found out that when you push something friction will stop it after a while.But if it is heavier it will stop earlier. Because you need more force to get past the friction.

Friday 18th April
This morning we did some art with a scetching pencil and some paint because we are looking at freindships and where they would be standing

We have also done P.E, we are training for a cricket festival.We did catching and throwing. We played some games in teams. The game was with two teams and the person with a ball threw the ball to the other player then the player threw it back and ran to the back of the line, then it carried on.
Now we are doing golden time we have lego and we are drawing too.
Our teacher is on a meeting so we have our head teacher .
Next we are going to Business Assembly.

Thursday 17th April
This morning we wrote a poem that tells you a story. I enjoyed it because I love writing and it was really intresting! When I am older this work will help me because

Wednesday 16th
This after noon we did poems to help us write more descriptvely higher up the school

Monday 14th April 2008
we did art and we were sketching peoples faces and working in groups and drawing people on our table,in our classroom. /shredder.

We are doing decimals and fractions in Numeracy (0.05 is equivelent to half a tenth and 0.5 is equivelent to half a whole), we are doing this so that we can convert decimals into fractions and fractions into decimals. Bolt.

we are drawing a picture of our house and writing around it some prepositions then we are writing next to it some sentences about all the prepositions. We are doing it to help us with our poem later.

Friday 11th April.
Year 4 have had a very busy day which has included using the interactive whiteboard quite a lot...therefore we haven't had time to write on our blog!

A good start back this week. Well done. Miss B.

Thursday 10th April
Today we did a challenge called the Lynford challenge we have to make a poster so that Lynford's owner does not worry to much about his pet. We are doing this so when we really do lose something we all know what to do.

we did poeims about the moon and and put wow words in them because it will make it intresting if you put a wow word in the sentence you wrote!!! shreder

Wednesday 9th April
We have been scetching backs because we looked at pictures wh ere we could only see there backs by stage
We are still doing art this after noon.Now we are drawing our
partners head and soon we will be drawing their whole bodies. petal

Today in art we had a look at some pictures by a artist called Edouard vuillard. Then we answered some questions about what we thougt about the pictures. After that we schetched a picture of us and our friend. By Supergirl.

Today in year 4 we did numeracy and we learnt about fractions on a number line. Our group were putting missing fractions on the number line and some of them they couldn't do because they were so hard. By James blond 008

Monday 7th April
today we did some poems and what we did is mis baxter put a vidio on and we had to describe the moon. shreder.
just be for lunch we did some seal work on relashon ship and we are just drawing who we think is really importent to us. it is relly fun Queen

Today, we did multiple of 6,7,8 and 9 wehad to make a pertons .and one of the patern was jast had to go around !!Dis was a very fun activeties!!! Momo

Well done to T10 for posting a very imaginative, well punctuated story already! Some of you have done some work in your J2E accounts which is brilliant! I look forward to reading some more wonderful stories!

Our topic next term is 'Through the window'. We will be looking at the geographical features around us and how they can change over

Pupils have been asked to bring in any photographs they have of Cheswick Green and the view from their window. Please
click here if you have any memories of how Cheswick Green has changed over the years that you can share with us.
Have a happy holiday!!

20th March
Today is the last day until the Easter holidays. This afternoon we have don some wordsearches some other children have went on a Easter hunt. i am going next with the other people and my friends . by comander.
Today we had a talent show. Some people did singing some did dancing
some did magic and some role play.There is a winner for every type of thing.Petal
19th March 2008

Today year 4 were learning about protrackters, one group in maths were learning how to use them. The sheet that we had was to estimate first then we had to use the protracter to get the accreuct degress. It was hard first then it got easy. By James Blond.

17th April

This morning we wrote a poem that can tell a story.I enjoyed it because I love writeing.I think that this work will help me when I am older because I want to write a poem or a book when i am older
By supergirl

This morning we finished of our Easter poem we decorated the background we then had fit for learning. After we had Mrs Ross we made pop up cards for Easter I made a bunny other children made chicks. By stage
18th March
Year 4 are writing a Easter poems in handwriting so we can improve on our joining and size of letters. We will take them home and on Easter day we will give them to their friends or family. By bolt

we have been learning about North East South and West and we are doing a maze and writing the directions in our book.By G.G
We're having P.E and music with Mrs Ross

17th March
today we had mrs ross in the morning. we learnt about being hopeful
and disserpointed. we had to think of things that we would like

to be in presants. we wrote them down on paper and then stuck
them on the board. after that, we did posters to tell people
to be happy. we looked at pictures and described them. the
posters tell us not to be sad, but to be happy. be hopeful when
it is your birthday or christmas. you might be lucky and get
Need to stay hopeful...? See our Hopeful posters

14th March 2008-The set of our play:

Our Roman play went very well-all the children worked so hard and it was lovely to see them enjoying it. Well done to everyone. Miss B.

We have taken some photos of our set so we will upload this onto our blog later!!

Year 4 and 3 are doing a dress rehearsal to the school it is about
how to be like a Roman and the main characters are attkus ,clodeus
Glutmus,Egbert,Ludcrus,Minimus,Boudicca,Sepedamus,Solder 1,Aleus
solder 4,Eden,Ethel.bat-man

Friction is a force that slows things down by holding them together towords eatch other.
In the afternoon we did all about friction .
We all got a sheet that we had to find all the friction stuff we had some calm music on.

the first thing we did today is maths we did divison I found it very easy I did all ten questions I found it very easy I think I got one or two wrong.

13th March
I done some painting of a brick wall and . carried fit for learning box and it was good - Ben 10

We went to year 1 and 2 toy shop. Me and my friend used a pop gun thing. They made it because they were learning about pushing and pulling.baboon

We were doing the background for our Roman play . We are also doing
a division method. Queen

12th March 2008
We were in rehearsals this morning, we are now doing Numeracy-multiplying using the grid method!!

11th March 2008
Our rehearsal went really well and ouir costumes looked fabulous!

This afternoon we are rehearsing for the play in our costumes for the first time!
my costume is good and i like it
. and in the play i am a soilder by ben 10
In music we carried on our theme of creating music with art.First
we were split up into our groups and then we thought of toys that
a noise.Each group choose a different toy and then we choose an
instrement that would go with the noise that the toy made.petal

Today we are suposed to be going swimming but the coach has been
delayed so we are not going instead we are doing p.e with Mrs R, and then music!

10th March 2008

We found out that the Romans believed in charms and curses. At the moment we are writing Roman charms in our learning log, then we will translate them into the Roman alphabet. Finally we will decorate our charm and go over it in a handwriting pen. These will be used in a model of a Roman fountain. bolt

Each child has been asked to type their charm on the page linked below.

Roman charms

We're glad we can start work on our blog again. The class is rehearsing for our play 'A Roman Invasion' at the moment. The play celebrates our learning this term. Some children used J2E to complete a research project at home over half term-you can see the brilliant work they did by clicking on the links below. The rest of the class are going to complete the task of discussing what exciting things they have done in Year 4 this year.

Roman Projects





5th March

The children are learning to use the blog for the very first time. Their work is below. We are looking to work with schools from other countries. If you would like to work with us please put details in the form at the bottom right of the blog.

The task for the children today is to write about the most exciting thing that they have done in school in year 4.

We have talked about e-safety in class, and the children are very excited about their new blog.

I have really enjoyed mad science because I never knew that if you set fire to paper and throw it,it goes away. football crazy

I have really enjoyed are Greek Museum in year 4. Last term we had a Greek opening day , where parents come and buy our work and play fab games. I was on coin making with my friends.

I have really enjoyed making mod-rock masks in year 4 because I like art and we got messy. comander

have really enjoyed doing french week in year 4b because we learnt names of our family and our pets. - Queen

I have really enjoyed mad science because they do mad experiments. I look forward
to seeing them again. - BEN 10.

have realy enjoyed having a greek musiem of our own in year 4 because we got to buy things and have biscuits -yum.

I have really enjoyed doing a museum in year 4 because my mom came and saw all my work I had done. We bought the mask
I made and I helped to work at the cafe there. My little sister came and had a lot
of grapes from the cafe. It was really fun.
There was a game my sister played she won and got a prize. She was really happy!

I have really enjoyed going to the greek museum because
you got to try on the armour & find out more things on the greeks. I then got to tell my mum what i learnt.

I have really enjoyed our Roman topic, bec
ause at the end of term we are doing a Roman play!
I have realy enjoyed the trip to the dudley museum because we got to buy something from the shop.

I have really enjoyed Symphony hall in year 4 because, I liked the lovely music. I heard lots of beautiful music that was all different styles.

I have really enjoyed all the school discos
because i love dancing.

I have really enjoyed learning about the Romans in Britain because we painted shields and hung them from our roof. I particularly like rehearsing the play.

We raised over£ 100 pounds for the hole school however we can not remeber how much year 6 raised in the coin race.

I have really enjoyed watching the Mad science assembly in year 4 because I like all of the experiments that they do. I enjoyed when the man pops Eggbert in his house.

I have really enjoyed doing the massive coin race across the playground because it was very exciting and tiring. we went home and got coins then the next day we came backs with 1p 2p and it went up to 50i. We then layed the coins on the double sided sticky tape. The class with the most coins won. Year 6 won.

I have really enjoyed going on J2e in year 4 because you get to explore new and exciting ideas on it.


4th March 2008
This is our first blog - we started to use it in computer club.