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Fancy fonts can make your work look really cool. I've used a few crazy fonts on this page!

However, when saving work for others to look at, you must be aware of the fonts you have used. Other computers may not have that font, and so your work may not look so good.

You can depend on the fonts Arial and Times, but they are a bit boring. Comic Sans MS is also on most PCs and Macs.

When you use fancy fonts, j2e has a trick that will keep your special font looking good. Type in your text, size and colour it, just as you want it. Then press ‘convert to shape’.

Your writing will now be saved as a shape, and look the same on any computer.

If you later need to edit it, you will have to select the shape, and then press ‘convert to text’, which will bring back your original text.

Note: if you are saving ‘as html’, j2e will automatically converted any rotated or gradient filled text for you.

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