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Setting the viewing scale is really useful, especially for fine adjustments, or for an overall view of your work.

Whilst editing in j2e there are 4 different ways to set the viewing scale. Let me run by them.
Setting the viewing S
1. From the scale button choose a scale, normally 100%. Two very useful values here are ‘Page width’ which is good for editing, and ‘Whole page’, which is good as a print preview.

2. Select the object you wish to see in detail, and then hit the ‘magnifier’. The page will zoom to show your object in detail. Hit the ‘magnifier’ again to zoom out.

3. If you ‘drag select’ an area, with the ‘alt’ key held down, it will zoom to show the selected area. Again, use the ‘magnifier’ to zoom back out.

4. Use the hot keys, ‘Ctrl +’ to zoom in, ‘Ctrl -’ to zoom out and ‘Ctrl 0’ to return to 100%. (Make sure you clicked on the j2e page first, the web browsers also use these keys to zoom what they consider to be the page!)

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