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The Old Way: In the days, of recent past, we were taught to organise our computer files by putting them in folders, a folder for this, a folder for that, and even put folders in folders. BUT could you ever find that file?

The New Way: Just save your file!

Explanation: When you use the ‘open’ button in j2e, you can change the settings to make it really easy to find your files.

1. Set the ‘sort’ to ‘date saved’. Now, your most recent work is listed first, this is what you need at least 80% of the time.

2. To find an older file, just type an appropriate word, or start of word, in the ‘search’ field. With j2e, this search includes the file name, any tags you have added to the file, and (for any files saved or loaded since 14/3/08), the text within the file. After a second, j2e will refresh the list, showing just the files that match your term.
Filing - files, folders and finding
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Note. j2e will still let you use folders to save your work, if that is what you wish. But even with folders, a search will search all your files.
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