This document should be written with your intended audience in mind (e.g., students, staff members, etc.). Write a short paragraph here to introduce the activity or lesson to the audience. If there is a role or scenario involved (e.g., "You are a detective trying to identify the mysterious poet.") then here is where you'll set the stage. If there's no motivational intro like that, use this section to provide a short advance organizer or overview. Remember that the purpose of this section is to both prepare and hook the reader. The use of a different type of media than the student is used to can often prompt increased interest, and the medium of the internet may produce this effect on some students. However, you may need to use a more involved hook to interest of all your students in the activity.

It is also in this section that you'll communicate the Big Question (Essential Question, Guiding Question) that the whole WebQuest is centered around.

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