My Holiday in Pembrokeshire.
April 2nd to April 10th 2009
by Leila

Day One.

We woke up and we saw some horses in the same field that we were camping in. At one point we went to Whitesands beach. It was great fun and there were great views.

Day Two.

We woke up and it was a sunny day. We went on a boat trip and saw lots of seals. A big wave splashed us. Maya was scared. The island was called Ramsey Island.
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Day Three.

It was a sunny day when we woke up.
We went on a bike ride to huntsmans leap.
It is a big gap where the sea comes through.

2005_0128slackline0299.JPG 2005_0128slackline0411.JPG
Day Four.

It was very wet and windy. Maya fell in love with the dog next door. We went swimming I was shivering.

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Day Eight.

Mum dared us to go for a swim in the sea. So we did. It was very cold and Maya didn't like the waves. Then we set off home.
Day Five.

I went horseriding. My horse was called Tina. When we got back it was very windy.
Day Six

I made pancakes for everyone. I went swimming. We went to find mussels on the beach and then we cooked them. My mum found a pearl.
I went horseriding again. My horse was called Prince.
Day seven

I went swimming and met my friend Georga. After that we went to a beach and we went in some
caves. We went to see the premier of 'the age of stupid' which is about global warming.