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Buster Bling Budgie Robbery!
Buster Bling was accused yesterday of robbery,
by Police. He apparently stole his girlfriend,
Donna Bellisimo's Budgie Derek in New New York
City on 27th October 2100 (yesterday)

People are thinking that Buster did it to get more
attention from Donna.
"I didn't do it! But i will say that she always
paid more attention to Derek then me. I would
do anything to kill that Budgie. But i didn't steal
him!" Buster Bling told us.
Apparently when Buster tried to steal Derek,
they had this huge fight, and Derek won! He flew
all the way out the window and down the street
to Donna Belissimo! Derek said to us. (Well we
think anyway!)
Buster Bling went into court yesterday.
"I can't believe it! I went up the road for choco-
late for him i come back and he's stolen my Budgie!
" Donna said to us.
28th October 2100
In the end Buster was not Guilty, however Donna
& Derek have been sentenced to 1 year in jail,
for lying about the robbery. It was not real they
faked it.
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