This is a form - it lets you enter data into the box above and send it to a results table, but only this page has been opened in HTML format (i.e. you cannot see the button bar). Every entry made to this form will be sent to the same result table - so its a great way of collating data entered by a class, or many classes, at different times on different computers. If you are in the j2e editor (with the button bar showing) then you will see a form results button on the RHS of the screen. Click on this to see the data entered to this form. The example below is from the 'persuasive' file.

Explore the options. They are fairly self explanatory. Save as CSV will allow you to save the files in a format that will go into a spreadsheet, if you know about spreadsheets you might be feeling excited by this! You should not be able to clear the form because it belongs to me - not you. You could save this form in your area, then the data collected would be under your control,

If you are looking at the form in edit mode (button bar visible), you cannot enter data to the various data entry boxes. To do this you need to be in HTML view. Look at the URL - at the end of it is /?edit - showing you are in edit mode.

In the URL change the /?edit to /?results. Refresh with F5. Then delete /?results (F5) to get into HTML mode. Enter some data, send it, and then look at the results. The data might take a few seconds to get to the form.

To explore the uses of forms look at some examples. Go to the red 'open' button. A number to tabs are visible. In the 'templates' tab is an 'about me' form. In the 'showcase' tab there are a number of forms, e.g. 'WorldQuiz', 'Persuasive', 'KingKong', You can save these to your area, then use them with your pupils. Remember to look in form results and adjust the option to what you want.

Creating a form - from the j2e editor:
Its a good idea to plan what you want on the form before you start. The data is arranged in the results form in the order you create the various elements of the form.

Click on the 'add object' button     From the form option you can see:

            push button
            check box
            radio button
            entry field
            text area
            drop list

Push button
Its essential every form has a send push button as this is the button that is used to send the answers recorded in the form to the results page. Alternatively you can use it to reset the form and clear all existing answers. The options on the RHS of the page are visible when the button is selected and can be used to alter the appearance and function of this button.

Check box
You can have as many check boxes as you like. For example:

tick the box(es) to show the browser(s) you use

Entry field
This allows a single line of text to be entered. Again the options at the RHS of the page enable you to configure the function and appearance of the button.

Text area
Gives you a larger area in which write.

Drop list
Enables you to create a list of items from which only one can be chosen.
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