A very easy, and quick growing plant. I started a number of plants from seed in a conservatory and it's one of the fastest growing plants I have come across. When planting outside it is very susceptible to damage from slugs and snails. After being in the open, unattended for a week, the plants that had been so carefully raised were almost totally destroyed. An application of slug killer gave them a breathing space and they recovered as the pictures show. The fruits produced by the plants were fairly tasteless - a disappointment.
Achocha seeds must be the ugliest I have ever seen. If I had not been told they were seeds then I would not have recognised what they were. The flowers are fairly insignificant.
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Seeds are about 1cm long
Achocha - 'lost' vegetable of the Incas.
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The plants will grow to about 4m in height if supported - I did not have canes long enough! They are rampant and would cover a lot of ground if not supported.
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The plants produce lots of small flowers
The last of the crop