Hello, I’m Joanne Hall, Foundation Parent Governor.
This means I was appointed by St Mary’s Church and also have a child at St Mary’s
School.  I am involved in lots of different things as a Governor.
Class Governor for Saturn Class is one of my roles and I look forward to
seeing them at least once a term to see what they are doing.
I am a member of the Premises Committee which means we make sure things like the toilets are working properly!  We also like to come in and see what you think about aspects of the school, such as Positive Play Days. As Health and Safety Officer I also make sure that the school is a safe place to be. As a Religious Studies teacher I am pleased to be
involved on the Collective Worship Committee and have enjoyed participating and watching acts of Collective Worship as well as discussing how Collective Worship can be improved. I am also Safeguarding Officer, which means I help to make all children feel safe in school and everyone school works to ensure this happens
Rev. Peter Greenwood
Hello, my name is Peter Greenwood. I am
the priest in charge of St Mary's Church
Gillingham and St Simon and St Jude Church
Milton on Stour. I am an 'ex officio' governor
- that means that I'm a governor because I
am the priest in charge here. I visit St Mary's
School to help with whole school and foundation
stage collective worship. I am also a class
governor, Mars class at the moment. I  help the
school with thinking about religious education
and collective worship.  
Outside school I enjoy lots of things including
being with my family, going for a run,
and walking our two dogs.
Rev. Jeffrey Hall
I am Jeffery Hall a Foundation Governor. This means I am appointed by
the St Marys Church for a four year term.
Attending governors meetings is just a small part of our work, much of
which is undertaken through committees.
I am a member of the Finance Committee. This helps to set the annual
budget and meets regularly to monitor this. I am also on the Nursery Committee.
As a retired vicar I conduct Collective Worship regularly each term and
am also a member of the Open the Book Team.
Mrs Janet Botterill
Mrs Sarah Stevens
I am Pluto Class Governor, and I chair the Nursery Committee and sit on the Finance Committee.
I am part of the Book Talk team who listen to children in Key Stage 2 and discuss the texts they are reading. I sit on the Collective Worship Committee with a group of other governors, teachers and pupils where we discuss how to improve collective worship. I also sit on the Rights Respecting Committee where we work on projects related to educating other pupils about what it means to be a rights respecting school.Outside of school I have several part time jobs which I try to fit in around the school run and at weekends I love getting out in the fresh air with my children.
Hello, I’m Janet Botterill and I am a
Foundation Governor appointed by
St. Mary’s Church. I used to be a teacher
at secondary level and taught art, English
and drama and I have been a Governor
at several different schools.
I am a Class Governor for Ms Draytons class,
Jupiter. I enjoy visiting the class from time
to time. I am also Link Governor for literacy
which means I come in and talk to the teacher
in charge of Literacy who keeps me informed
about how the school is working to provide a
curriculum which encourages progress in all
age groups.
I am chair of the P & C Committee – this stands
for People and Curriculum. We discuss staffing
if necessary and also the delivery of different
subjects and policies. I find this very interesting.
I am a member of the Open the Book Team and
I really enjoy this role. The pupils are always
very keen to be involved and very welcoming.
I am a Parent Governor and have been for three years. I have two children at the school who are in Year 4 and Year 6.
I am currently on the Premises Committee where we discuss and make decisions about the school building and its grounds.
I am also on the ‘People and Curriculum’ where we meet to discuss and make decisions with regards to the children, the staff and the school curriculum. We discuss and approve any changes to policies. In both meetings we follow the School Development Plan.
I am a Class Governor for Year 6 and come into school and spend time with the children observing their learning and listening to them read.  I meet with both The Global Citizenship Group and The School Council and join in with their topics.
You may also see me helping out in nursery and other classes in school.

Mrs Jo Reeves
Mr Robert Browning
Hi, my name is Robert Browning.

I am one of the Foundation Governors; I am also
the Chairman of the Premises Committee. This
committee makes decisions about the school
building and grounds.
I have two sons and a daughter at the school
and try to help out as much as I can.


Hi, I'm Will Stevens, Vice Chairperson, and one of my roles within school is being a governor.
I am the class governor of Mercury and also a Finance Governor (which means I help decide how we can use the schools money to benefit each of the children)
My other roles have been a King (tasting sandwiches), a Builder (building walls) along with a few others. I helped build the current library and have built lots of props for school plays ........................... I get all the dirty jobs!!
Mrs Ros Parsons
I am the Staff Governor which means I represent the
staff of SMTV at meetings.
I have two cats called Noffy and Boo, who love to bring me
unwanted presents like frogs, birds and mice! I just wish they
could learn to 'catch' chocolate!
I have taught here for seven years across the school and
currently teach Mars Class. I am on the People and Curriculum
Committee where we look at different aspects of learning
across the school and the different people this involves.
St Mary the Virgin Primary School selects Governors from a wide spectrum of the community and welcomes diversity believing the children will benefit from a Governing Body with experience in a wide field of business, community and family life.
There are different categories of Governor who are either elected or appointed. At St mary the Virgin there are normally 14 Governors, 8 of whom are Foundation Governors. Foundation Governors are appointed by the Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education to protect and promote the Christian ethos of the school. Three of the Foundation Governors must be parents of children attending the school. Of the remaining Governors, one is the Headteacher, one an elected teacher, 3 are elected parents and 1 is a representative of the Local Education Authority.

The Governing Body is part of the school leadership team, responsible for strategic planning and policy development. Governors work with the Headteacher and staff to ensure the school provides a good quality education for all its pupils. Governors alongside the Headteacher are responsible for the Schools’ delegated budget. At St Mary the Virgin we have four committees to support the full governing body, they are, Finance, Premises, People and Curriculum and Nursery.

Meet our Governors

Chair of Governors - Mrs Joanne Hall

To contact the Governors either call or email Mrs Brida Skipworth who is our Clerk to Governors -
01747 824446 or

Mr Will Stevens