There are over 250 different types of sharks in the world the smallest of them all is the dwarf lantern shark which is 17 centimetres when fully grown. on the other hand the biggest is called the whale shark which is a colossal 12 meters long.
sharks never ever stop growing.
A shark's mouth is lined with rows and rows of small white teeth around 3,000 in each jaw that equals 6,000 teeth! Most sharks do not chew their food but gulp it down whole or in large pieces. Their teeth are not able to chew food, only tear it into mouth-size pieces.
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Great white shark
Left alone

Baby sharks are called pups. There are many types of shark, there are also different ways that a shark can be born.
Sharks can have from 1 to 100 babies at one time. The ones that the babies grow in side there mum,s have fewer babies than
sharks that lay their eggs out side the body. Sharks do not care for their babies after they're born.
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Shark senses
A middle aged shark can smell blood from 2 miles away. Unlike humans sharks nostrils have nothing to do with breathing they are not even connected to the mouth.
Like lightning
A Shark can reach the speed of 20 miles an hour.. A shark must keep swimming or it will sink.

by Katie Moore
Allll shapes and sizes
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