Year 5

Summer Term 2019

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This term, our topic is the Romans and we are very excited about finding out about why and how they invaded Britain. We will also be looking at the impact they had on Britain and at Boudicca's Rebellion (not everyone was happy with them!).

In our D.T. lessons, we will be preparing some Roman dishes. In our art lessons, we will be exploring how Romans made mosaics and will design and make our own.

Click on the links below to be to find out more about the Romans:

Primary Homework Help - The Romans: lots of facts about Roman Britain.

Build a Roman Fort Game: could you help build one?

Dress a Roman Soldier: choose the correct garments and weapons for Roman legionary (foot soldier) and Roman auxiliary (cavalry).

The Q Files - Roman Britain: Online encyclopedia.

History Essentials: information, links and quizzes.

History Lines: various aspects of life in Roman Britain.

Roman Sandy: become an archaeologist and time detective in six interactive activities to piece together what Sandy's life would have been like in Roman Britain.

Cook it!: Roman food facts and recipes! Delicious!

Londinium: follow Fortuna, a Roman slave in Londinium, through six interactive games that will help you find out more about Roman artifacts.

Speak like a Roman!: watch the video and learn how to use Latin phrases just like a Roman!