Pop up toys and Jack in the boxes were thoroughly used between 1935-1955. These toys are still made today; they are quite different and more carefully designed. The toys chosen were used for entertainment during the world war two period to keep children calm. This leisure, which were made by Joy toy, developed over the years. Read on to find out more about these toys....

How pop up toys work

Pop up toys are simple mechanisms. They work by either pushing or pulling a stick-as you push the stick the head pokes out, whereas if you pull the stick the head retracts. The pop up toy we used is a clown and is purple; it also has love hearts on. Pop up toys come in various shapes and designs including:
-Ducks hatching eggs
-Santa Clause
and so forth.

The target market

The toys are aimed for both genders. Nevertheless, the pop up toy we chose is targeted towards girls; it is purple and has love hearts on. Moreover the toys are aimed for both 3 and 4 year old. The toy is also effective if a baby's mother wishes to entertain her child.


The company behind the toys

Joy toy l made the Jack in the box. Between 1935 and 1955, Joy toy was a very small company-the company made hardly any toys. This establishment, which is an Italian one, can also found in The Netherlands. Other companies that manufacture Jack in the boxes include:
- Fisher price
- Chad valley
- Tomy
and so on. This company (Joy Toy ) is still going on today, nevertheless they do re makes of kids enjoyment such as:
- Star Wars
- Spongebob
- Shrek
- The Hobbit
- WinnieThe Pooh
And much more!

How Jack in the boxes work

Jack in the boxes today function differently from how they did before. This paragraph focuses on the toys of the previous century. Olden day Jack in the boxes include a latch. This latch was extremely insecure for the toddlers who played with the toy; it was sharp. As you can see in the picture below, the 1900 Jack in the boxes only worked if you pull the highly dangerous clasp.

In conclusion, olden day toys were hazardous whereas now we have tremendously safe toys. The toys now, compared to the 1900's, have remarkably changed. The jack in the boxes for instance now have a wind up; then they just had a latch.

The development of toys

Over the last hundred years, toys have progressively become more and more safe to play with. Both Jack and the box were made of wood. However some toys were made from paper and extremely safe to play with- like the one. Pop up toys, like all 20th century toys, are now slowly starting to wear away, however you can still find them today!
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This is a video of modern jack in the boxes to give you an idea of how they changed.
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History of pop up toys

Jack in the boxes