A visit to the dentist.

One day in the morning I ate some candy. A few hours later I had got some

a toothache pain. oOouch!what a horrible pain it was.I told my mum to phone the dentist

for an appointment as soon as possible.

The dentist told my mum that I can come during have a check up in the afternoon. At around four

o'clock we arrived in to the dentist's clinic. We waited in a room for

some minutes. There were some books to read and a TV to watch for not get

bored to whilst waiting.

Soon it was my turn . I walked into the dentist's room. The dentist was wearing a

pair of rubber gloves and a mask to cover her mouth. She told me to sit on the

big chair that goes up and down.She turned a bright light and told me to open

my mouth as much as I can.She checked my teeth with a tiny mirror and she

saw a hole in one of my tooth.

She gave me an injection and my mouth feel soften felt numb.Afterwards she used a drill to

clean the hole of the wrong tooth. She filled it and told me to wash my teeth

Wwith a blue water liquid.She told me that I was ready and I can go home and rest.

I promised the dentist and mum that I will never eat candy again.