Hi there and welcome to Perranporth's Stars and Celebrations of this week...


St. Piran






Other Celebrations...

Lucy Bell and Sasha Legender for showing Roko Rhino Resilience during our column addition and subtraction maths lessons!

Willow Legender for reflecting on her writing to make it even better!

Archie, Ciara and Evelyn for responding

well to written feedback to improve

their writing!

Merryn for her absorption in her home-learning,

creating a Jack and the Beanstalk 'Snakes and Ladders game.'

Teddy for improving his presentation in maths.

Riley for working hard in improving his handwriting.

Molly for great support of others in learning,just like Justin Beaver and Ally Ants.

Jago for showing Roko Resilience Absorption in maths!

Sophie for improving her presentation.

Perran Dunbar for excellent explanations - Ally Ants Reciprocity - in maths!

Tegan Tilson for showing Roko Resilience in maths.

Well done to all the mathletes and 99 clubbers this week - you are doing brilliant in your maths!

Lucas Skinner for great effort on the sheep rider and being awarded player of the season!

Lewis Brown and Callum Tutt for their great football awards - Callum for top trainer - Lewis for the Spectators' player of the day!!

Evie Bishop Pell for her best fitness and training award in her boxing club!

Lucy Bell for her brilliant BMX medal!

Logan and Alex for their Beaver awards!

Meg Lee for her fantastic Stage 5 swimming certificate!

Willow Legender for her brilliant rosettes for the Easter dog show!

Nyah for Ally Ant collaboration in all her learning!

Seb for Roko The Rhino resilience in maths.