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Tywydd am yr Wythnos

Terrific Talents

Dosbarth Gloyw and Dosbarth Crisial recently presented colourful and enjoyable end of year 2 family assemblies called Tadpole Rag and Caterpillar Boogie. Audiences were treated to fun, informative presentations, which told about the life cycles of frogs and butterflies. Year 2 have reflected on their learning journey so far and are now looking forward to the next exciting part of the journey to Year 3 in the juniors.

We also took this important opportunity to wish Mrs Starkey our very best wishes on the next part of her journey too.

Our wonderful Year 2 pupils are terrifically talented. Many enjoy developing their sporting skills out of school. A whole host of sporting achievements have been celebrated. These include medals for rugby tournaments , swimming badges , gymnastic ribbons and tennis volleying.

We also have talented singers and actresses with four girls treading the boards as part of mini players' production of Beauty and the Beast. Pob lwc pawb!

Family Assemblies

Wriggle and Crawl

On Thursday 14th May,we had a wonderful surprise when Laura from Zoolab came in to show us some of her amazing animals that can wriggle and crawl. This incredible visit started off our theme.

First Lauren brought in and shared the very slow giant African land snail with us. Next was the terific Chilean rose tarantula. After that it was time to show everyone the slithery corn snake. Then Lauren showed everone Tumble and Tweedle the giant African millipedes.

It was time to see the little rats who were very soft. Finally it was time for Rocket the baby tortoise to come in for everyone to see him.

Later, we wrote detailed recounts about our Zoolab experience, which was delightful. We have written different types of poems about minibeasts using our Literacy and ICT skills. Logging into HWB, we accessed resources to sort minibeasts using a branching diagram and created a database to help us sort in different ways. Recently we have made and painted symmetrical butterflies using our creative skills.

Here are some pictures from the Zoolab visit.

Click on the ladybird button to read our minibeast poems.

His breath!

Click on the camera button to watch our photostory.